Purple Ink Consulting

First Baptist Church, Cherokee OK

First Baptist Church of Cherokee, Oklahoma, had never had a working website before, but they’d seen some of the work RG Creative had done for other churches in the area and knew they wanted us to build one for them. We met with key church leaders and formulated a plan to develop a site that would serve as a resourcing tool for the local Cherokee community and as a communications tool for their church members.

Community Resourcing

The site was designed to do more than simply let people know the church existed – it was designed to give them access to sermons, events, articles, and other resources that would significantly impact their spiritual journeys.

Church Member Communications

The members of First Baptist Church needed a hub that allowed them to centrally communicate prayer requests, internalized events, business documents, and other information that shouldn’t be accessible to the public.

Details About the Site

  • Content Management System: Joomla
  • Framework: Gantry, with a custom style developed over it for custom functionality and design
  • Key Features:
    • Robust user management solution, including custom user levels and access visibility
    • Calendar integration with Google Calendar