This is how we help you change the world.

Our strategists work with a network of creatives to build and execute a plan designed to meet your objectives on your time and within your budget.
Get to know me

Randy Greene

Hi, I'm the owner and strategist of RG Creative. For the past decade I've been working with organizations and churches just like yours to help them create comprehensive online communications strategies. I love how technology is empowering people whose stories haven't been heard, and my passion is to use digital tools to spread those narratives.

Here's Our Process

Discovery & Planning

We meet with you to get to know you and your organization, to understand your story and goals, and to begin the strategic development process.

Strategic Design

We identify the assets and resources we already have, then outline what other pieces we need to accomplish your goals and build a project timeline of deliverables.

Brand Experience

We identify your target audiences and craft brand messaging tailored to those audiences that we can use throughout your digital marketing channels.

Website Development

If needed, we design and build a custom website to function as the central hub for all your other online communications channels.

Email & CRM Marketing

We create a coordinated email marketing system, often including plans for newsletters, targeted emails, and relational messages with your audience.

Social Media Marketing

We analyze your social media channels and identify opportunities for broader awareness, deeper engagement, and optimized organic and paid content.

Other Channels

We consider other media such as video content, SMS marketing, podcasts, and mobile apps as they align with your story and achieving your goals.

Ongoing Evaluation

We work with you to do routine check-ins and evaluations to see where we can enhance our strategies or address gaps in the plan to be more effective.

Systems have to work for YOU.

Every organization is different, with its own unique resources and challenges, and our solutions are built from the ground up with you in mind. We have more than a decade of experience creating these systems in ways that are scalable and sustainable, and we will never create something your team can't maintain.

Wondering what this could look like for you?

Reach out to us today to start the conversation. I'm excited to see how we might be able to change the world together.
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