Websites, emails, social media... 

Digital marketing can be a tangled web of confusion.

Let me help you straighten out the mess so it makes sense.

This is

RG Creative

A digital media consultancy specializing in web strategies that build structure to simplify complex, interconnected online platforms.


You need your website to be modern, mobile-friendly, and intuitive to use. You also need it to be easy to update – because, after all, you're the one updating it and you shouldn't be wasting time fighting your site getting it to do what you want it to do.

Email Marketing

Your email marketing is one of the key ways you get your products out to your audience, so you need to build a list. But more than that, you need to use your list. Having it doesn't help if you're not leveraging it to drive your customers to action.

Social Media

You know it's important to be using social media – you've even seen flashes of how beneficial it can be. But it seems like it takes a full-time person to create posts, engage with people, and stay on top of changes in the algorithm, and who has time for that!?


You're beginning to wonder whether you should start a podcast, since everyone else is doing it. Or maybe, instead of starting one, you ought to be advertising on one? There's a lot of potential there, but how do you harness it?


You're pretty sure search engines rule the online marketing world, but the way they work is mysterious. How do you get listed? And how do you rank high in their results? Do you have to pay Google to win at SEO optimization for your website?


At the end of the day, you need your people to be happy. Your leadership needs to see that your digital marketing is successful, and your staff need to be content with their role in maintaining the site, and your customers need to be pleased with their experience. Is that even possible?

When doing it all seems impossible, let me help.

I have over a decade of experience designing and building digital marketing systems that work.