Enid, Oklahoma's premiere web design/build studio, and the online home of Randy Greene.

Stop-Go Recordings is a new type of recording studio - they don't have a big, soundproof studio with millions of dollars in gear. Instead, they have a high-quality recording studio setup that travels to meet its artists.


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Competitive Advantage Through Responsive Design

Competitive Advantage Through …

24 March, 2014

People today are constantly online. Whether they are on their computers at work, or checki...


It's My Right. (Part 2)

It's My Right. (Part 2)

11 March, 2014

Last week's post, "It's My Right (Part 1)" discussed the rights that we have as Americans....


It's My Right. (Part 1)

It's My Right. (Part 1)

03 March, 2014

I Know My Rights. It is my right as an American to say whatever I want to say. I have fre...


I am the easiest person for me to lie to.

I am the easiest person for me…

18 February, 2014

I am the best web developer in Oklahoma. I am an amazing writer, and someday the world ...

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